Music Production


Compression 202: Four Examples on How to Use Compressors

Four compression examples so you can better understand when to use compression.

The Art Of Writing Nice Chords

4 Tricks to Make Chords Like a PRO

Transforming a simple chord progression into something a lot more developed and interesting with these four chord tricks.

Avalon Compressor

Master the art of Compression!

Do you know compression? As the name says, it helps you compress something, but do you really know to set your parameters accordingly? To clarify, …

Bass Guitar

7 Tips to Write Your Basslines Like a PRO

SEVEN tips and tricks to enhance your basslines and make them more interesting.

Composition Of Amazing Melodies

6 Tips to Improve Your Composition Skills

Discover how to enhance your compositions skills with these SIX applied techniques.

Studying Composition

Learn The Art of Composition

The composition of an interesting chord / bass progression and its rhythm is one of the main differentiations for artists. Learn here how to enhance it!


Master the Art of Arrangement

Learn the importance of a cohesive arrangement for your tracks and tips to develop a better arrangement.

Bass Drum – Kick

The Definite Guide to Better a KICK

The element that can make or break a track, the kick is one of the most important elements your track. Learn how to master it!

Mixing & Mastering Studio

My SIX Best Mixing and Mastering Practices

6 tips that will help speed up and improve the quality of your mixing and mastering process.

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